Forever Home in the Countryside

Escape to the Countryside and create a Forever Home! Many people are looking to escape city life and start a new one in the countryside. More space, light and views is a priority, as is a well-designed garden. But as with all adventures, there will be many unknowns and challenges. Forever homes are more eco-friendly […]

How to Reduce Your Energy Bills

reduce your energy bills

How a Holistic Services Strategy can Reduce your Energy Bills Last year, at the AECB* conference, we met Atamate, some pioneering services engineers. They have managed to achieve Passivhaus levels of energy use in buildings only fitted with building regulations levels of insulation. They have done this by using controllable, instant heating solutions, combined with […]

Timescales for your home project

Eco self build first floor 3D

Timescales for your home project Good quality design takes time We are often asked how long a project might take to get to the build stage. Here are some example timescales for your home project in the chart below. These show expected timelines for different types of project, whether an eco-home, a barn or an […]

Eco home improvements (without building)

Eco home improvements

Below we have listed various eco home improvements. These are all actions you could take if you are not planning any building work right now. They also include actions that would suit a heritage home. If you are planning building work, these options will still apply to you. But you also have some extra possibilities […]

Eco upgrades to your home (as part of building work)

Eco upgrades to your home

Eco upgrades to your home. How to improve your home both in terms of well-being and energy efficiency (without paying through the nose!) We can ensure that any eco upgrades to your home will be in proportion to other works you would like. Essentially, making you eco by default!   Below we have listed various […]

Space-saving and peacemaking!

cluttered home

  You might know a bit about what an architect does, but what many people don’t know is that architects solve relationship disputes! The situation is all too familiar:  People are fed up with too little space, they are fed up with a dark room, they are fed up with tripping over umpteen things on […]

5 Designs that Challenge our British Perceptions of “Home”

Contemporary Vernacular Design - How British Housing can Rediscover its Soul

While researching abroad, Clare discovered that no matter what culture you live in, our needs from a home are quite similar. However British perceptions of home are known to be fairly conservative, especially in comparison with more contemporary living styles seen in Europe. Clare speaking about how the front garden can be the garden and […]