Timescales for your home project

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Timescales for your home project

Good quality design takes time

We are often asked how long a project might take to get to the build stage. Here are some example timescales for your home project in the chart below. These show expected timelines for different types of project, whether an eco-home, a barn or an extension. These are best case scenarios. For many projects, these timelines could be extended. This can be due to planning complications (which we would navigate for you), historical justification for changes to a listed building, workload pressures and, of course, now we can add Coronavirus to the list.

Think long term – better for you and the environment

But this is not necessarily bad news. We would always say that good quality design takes time and that any type of building work should be viewed with longevity in mind. Our homes will be around for many years to come, it’s important to think over the long term,  both from a design and an environmental perspective.

Less stress – give your self time to review and reflect

It is also less stressful if you can give yourself more time. We all have busy lives, finding the time to review designs can be difficult. Clients often tell us how much easier it is for them to make decisions following Christmas, Easter or summer holidays. This time is important to get to the bottom of what you want, to make some decisions about how to move forwards.

Financial Benefits

Taking a longer time over the design process can also give you financial benefits too. Professional fees can be split into monthly payments over a longer time period. All the while, you know you are chipping away at a plan that will benefit you enormously in a year or even two years time.

Find out more about your own home project timescales, costs etc

If you are considering your options including costs and planning policy queries and would like some answers, we have a virtual architect consultation that will help. There is also more information about self-build schedules here at Home Building and Renovating magazine.

Timescales for your home project, whether an eco-home, barn, self-build, listed home remodel or an extension.