Space-saving and peacemaking!

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Space-saving solutions

You might know a bit about what an architect does, but what many people don’t know is that architects solve relationship disputes!

The situation is all too familiar:  People are fed up with too little space, they are fed up with a dark room, they are fed up with tripping over umpteen things on the floor because there isn’t enough storage. They would like better access to the garden, or they might just like to be able to have a better view of the garden! Sometimes they would just like to feel that the front of their house is more welcoming.  The problems niggle away in the backs of people’s minds and they begin to argue with each other.  They know there is a problem, but are just unsure of how to solve it.

Space-saving ideas

The answer could be really simple.  It could just be a porch, some cleverly positioned rooflights, or a re-organisation of the space they have so it flows.  Even re-hanging a door so it swings the other way could free up some useful space!

The team from Clare Nash Architecture love helping people with this stuff, coming up with solutions to fit all spaces and all budgets.  If you think your home (or even your relationship!) could benefit from some design tips and tricks then we would love to hear from you!