Forever Home in the Countryside

Escape to the Countryside and create a Forever Home! Many people are looking to escape city life and start a new one in the countryside. More space, light and views is a priority, as is a well-designed garden. But as with all adventures, there will be many unknowns and challenges.

Forever homes are more eco-friendly

Decisions are always compromised if you’re expecting to sell in a few short years. You tend not to invest in quality that will last. But if you are staying you might add more insulation, invest in renewables or upgrade doors and windows, all things that benefit you as well as the life-span of the house.

Forever homes have atmospheric gardens

We all know how much atmosphere mature trees add to a garden. If you plan to stay, you will see all of that and the wildlife develop. A well planned design will develop over time and you can enjoy the changes.

Planning restrictions in the countryside

…can be a bit of a challenge. Rural planning policies differ enormously from city and town ones. Your exciting vision for a new life in the countryside can still happen, it just needs tackling in a different way. Planners like new buildings in the countryside to tell a story, if you are not careful that can end in a pastiche of times gone-by. Far from the modern home you had hoped for.

We tell the story in a different way, a way that respects the old and learns from it. But not at the expense of light, views and space.

Modern lives are different to the past.

What we need when we get home is lots of light, fresh, warm air and easy access to the garden for that G&T. How to marry that up with what the planners want? We’ve got it covered.

Have a look at some of the forever homes we have already created for inspiration!

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