Garden Design


If you want to spend more time in the garden but you’re not sure where to start, we can help. Perhaps you need a garden update, a new design, or an idea of where to put plants. We have a number of ways to help. We create personalised garden designs that you can implement yourself with a bit of digging and planting, or with the help of a landscaper.


If you’re desperate to have a beautiful garden that you can relax in and maintain without too much bother it’s worth getting some help. We all love to spend time in the garden with our families but what is going to best suit your lifestyle and how should it all go together?


struggling with how to organise the space so that it works?

It can be tricky to incorporate all of your family’s requirements into one space. We can help you design something that will work for everyone.

If you love planting and digging and even a bit of weeding, but just aren’t confident with how it should go together we can help with colour combinations, textures and what to plant where.  

Can you Help the Environment with your Garden?

We believe in biodiverse and beautiful gardens. Plants that make you smile and help wildlife too. Just like with eco-home design, there are many options to suit all tastes. Our network of gardens are all connected by flyways, together we can make a difference, even with a very small garden.

how it works

  • You send us your list of priorities – must haves and nice to haves, particular plants you love
  • You let us know which bits bother you, which bits you love, and want to keep
  • We will send you a detailed questionnaire which will help you to understand your own priorities and help us to design something tailored to you
  • You send us photos and overall dimensions of your garden, we can do the rest using google earth
  • We will send you a plan and a 3D hand drawn visualisation of what it could become
  • You can get digging and buying plants to fill those new beds – or hand it over to a landscaper!

All this for £950+VAT

All you need to do now, is tell us a bit about your garden using the form below and we can arrange a chat

I WOULD LIKE TO know more about the garden design service

our services

Our experienced team will guide you from concept to planning to see your dream become reality. 

Not sure if your project is viable? We’ve developed a system to test the likely outcome of a submission.

If you have lots of ideas but you’re not sure what’s possible we can help make things clearer.

If you have an idea of what you want but you’re not ready to for the full planning process we can help. 

Make the outside of your house as beautiful as the inside with our garden design service.

Whether you are just starting out or want to expand your architectural business we can help.