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Co-housing series 2: Sharing Resources

Sharing resources creates both financial and environmental benefits in co-housing   This is the second part of the Co-housing blog series, based on Clare's book.  Read Part 1 here. Mutual Home Ownership This model refers to sharing resources of the financial kind, in...

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Co-housing series 1: Designing a Community

At Home but Not Alone In my previous blog, "5 Designs that Challenge our British Perceptions of Home", I touched on the idea of home as an extension, or even more than that, a fundamental piece of our identity. "Home" is comprised of two main influential factors, one...

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CNA team members get constructive in the woods!

This July, Clare, Katie and Julia took part in Studio in the Woods, a "long weekend of making" run by Piers Taylor, who wrote the foreword to Clare's book.  The workshop took place close to the architecture world's worst-kept secret, Piers' Invisible Studio, nestled...

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