What is the Average Cost of a Barn Conversion?

What is the Average Cost of a Barn Conversion?

What is the average cost of a barn conversion and other questions answered by barn conversion expert Clare Nash.

What is the average cost of a barn conversion?

In 2023 post Covid and current Brexit/Ukraine issues we are finding that it’s around £3,000/m2 (calculated using internal floor area including the first floor). Then it depends a lot on personal taste, individual barn characteristics and complexities and of course local builder competitiveness.

Do barn conversions need planning permission?

In general, we find this the best route as it gives you more flexibility and longer to complete the build. See more about this on our blog here.

Is a barn conversion cheaper than a new build?

Not really. Although it has an existing shell to use, there are additional complexities such as potential underpinning, additional structure required to support roof loads. Cows didn’t need an upstairs, so headroom restricts layout options.

What are the pitfalls of barn conversions?

See this blog for an in depth list of things to be aware of. Or

Download our guide to avoid 7 costly mistakes on a barn conversion here.

How do you prepare for any challenges?

I would suggest working with someone familiar with barn conversions. Barns have unique planning stipulations and  limitations. A pre-application with the council is always a good idea. A structural survey including trial pits to establish existing foundation depths (if any) will help to ascertain costs.

How do you harmonise the old and the new?

It’s important to respect the agricultural history of a barn and not make it look too domestic. This means no dormers, porches or perpendicular extensions (something we are often asked about).

There are two types of barn: –

Modern steel-framed barns with concrete and timber cladding and

Traditional barns with stone, brick or timber walls.

We have turned all types into dwellings in the past.

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