What locations do you cover?

In and around South Northants, Oxfordshire, Oxford, Buckinghamshire and South Warwickshire. On some projects we are happy to work with clients based abroad and further afield than these areas. Having worked remotely for several years, we are well set up for virtual meetings and collaboration.

Do we have to be ‘eco’ to work with you?

No, however we have a specialism in eco design and will use that to your advantage, saving you money on energy bills as well as thinking holistically about daylighting vs overheating. We extend this to biodiversity in garden design, understanding of smart heating and heat recovery ventilation as well as the usual renewables like heat pumps and PV panels. It’s up to you how in depth you want to go. But our technical know-how means even a light touch is well researched.

Why are you nearly all female?

This was not by design, it just happened that the best applicants for job vacancies were female.

Do you recommend builders?

Yes we do

Can you help with planning permission?

Yes we can, including listed buildings applications. We have an almost 100% approval rate.

Do you do project management?

Our construction drawings are very comprehensive. This enables a smooth build process and accurate builder prices. We can put you in touch with project managers, and we recommend good local builders who tend to manage this themselves.

What is the architectural process?

Please see our process page here

How long does the architectural process take?

Architectural projects are life-changing and exciting. There is a lot to think about (we and our consultant engineers, ecologists, and builders) do the majority of this for you). Consequently they tend to have quite long timelines. Please see our blog about timescales here.

How much are your fees?

This is dependent on project complexity, but a rough guide would be 10% of expected build cost. This doesn’t include the survey. The percentage goes down as projects increase in size. We provide you with fixed cost stages, so you know what to expect and when.

Feel at home

With a space that benefits your lifestyle and the environment

We specialise in environmentally sound designs for a range of architecture, from listed buildings to new builds.

Our Values

We strive to conduct ourselves according to values, which underpin our communication and design.


To help you understand what we do and how we work and what you can expect from working with us.

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