Listed Barn Conversion

Lovely stable conversion to holiday let

Can I convert a listed barn?

In most cases listed barn conversions make beautiful and characterful homes. But just like with other listed buildings, there will be more restrictions than usual on what you are allowed to do. Notwithstanding the barn will need to be in reasonable condition for conversion. If it is in very poor condition (like this one below that we obtained planning permission for) it will require significant justification with the local authority. We are used to working very closely with the heritage officer and Historic England.

listed barn conversion
Planning permission obtained for a listed barn conversion that had partially collapsed
Listed barn conversion
Partially collapsed stone and slate listed barn


What are the disadvantages of a listed barn conversion?

listed barn conversion
Timbers in listed barn conversions need to be carefully restored and repaired

Compared to an unlisted barn, you will need additional consultants. This has associated extra cost. One or all of the below are likely to be needed:

  • Timber specialist
  • Conservation engineer
  • Heritage consultant

There will likely be restrictions on the volume of insulation allowed. This will mean your new home has higher energy bills.

Design options may be restricted. With most barns you can remove internal walls. With listed barns (and also to a certain extent, conservation area barns) you will need to keep as much of the existing fabric as possible. This often limits the number of bedrooms or head-room available.

What are the advantages of an historic home?

Barns are only listed if they represent an important part of history and/or are a particularly special example. Either way, it will provide a unique and characterful home. No-one else will have one quite the same and you’ll be protecting history for future generations.

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