What is a Pre-Application and how can it save me money?


Sometimes there are just too many options….

Often we receive queries such as

“Will the neighbours complain?”
“Will the planners allow us to do what we want?”
“What is the point of spending money on designs if we don’t know that the planners will like it?”

Well, your concerns are also ours.
We like moving forwards with certainty, we like you to spend your money wisely.

That is why we usually suggest a pre-application as a first step.

What is a pre-application?


A pre-application is a chance for you to test your ideas with the planners. It means that before we really get stuck into design work, you will know what the planners think.

This saves you money because:

  1. The planners don’t need the detail, just the idea, so we sketch over standard estate agent plans, which means there’s no money spent on unnecessary measured or computer drawings.
  2. We know that you often have many ideas, so we talk through them all, then only sketch up the ones that seem best, which means you get planners’ feedback where it matters and it’s easier to make better decisions on which design to go with.
  3. A guaranteed meeting with the planners happens at around 3 weeks after submitting the pre-application. This means you get a verbal response quickly, followed by a written report around 3 weeks later. We will attend the meeting with or without you.
  4. With the positive feedback from the planner, only then do you need the full measured survey and plan, which means no wasted money on your project.
  5. With the planner’s feedback there’s no need to spend time on designs you’ve now ruled out, so we only work on designs you know will work, which means you’ll get the detailed plans in your hands quicker, and the project moves along smoothly.

Whenever you’re ready to see some initial sketches for your own project, please let us know in the form below…

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