Eco homes

Eco homes are beautiful Eco homes come in all shapes and sizes. I would argue (but I am biased!) that eco homes are more beautiful than normal homes, simply because building with the environment in mind, leads to a more sensitive design. Are eco homes expensive to build? They don’t have to be more expensive […]

Timescales for your home project

Eco self build first floor 3D

Timescales for your home project Good quality design takes time We are often asked how long a project might take to get to the build stage. Here are some example timescales for your home project in the chart below. These show expected timelines for different types of project, whether an eco-home, a barn or an […]

Fewer excuses to refuse modern barns for conversion into dwellings

Modern barns for conversion [2023 updated] Since 2020 we have seen an increase in planning permissions for modern barn conversions. There are now fewer excuses to refuse modern barns for conversion into dwellings. Breaking news for 2023 is that the prime minister wants to cut further red tape for barn conversions. Modern barns for conversion […]

Barn use classes & ‘agricultural unit’ clarification

Stone barn outbuilding conversion

Barn use classes [2023 updated] What use class is a barn? What do all the different letters mean? Class Q is conversion of an agricultural barn to a dwelling house. Formerly known as Class MB and confusingly often also known as a Class C conversion (because it will become class C (domestic use) upon conversion […]

Barns Permitted Development clarifications

Barns Permitted Development [2023 updated] Barns permitted development – How big can I build a barn without planning permission in 2023? You can now create 3 large (more than 100m2) or 5 smaller dwellings (less than 100m2 each) or a mixture of both under Permitted Development. What is Class Q permitted development for a barn? […]