Inspiring Places, Smarter Spaces, Happier Faces


 Inspiring Places, Smarter Spaces, Happier Faces

We believe the benefits of good design should be for everyone. This could be anything from a porch to a whole farm (or even a small housing development).

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All barns are equal but some barns are more equal than others*

A traditional stone barn All barns are equal, but some barns are more equal than others. We have been working on many different barn conversions since the permitted...
cluttered home

Space-saving and peacemaking!

  You might know a bit about what an architect does, but what many people don’t know is that architects solve relationship disputes! The situation is all too familiar: ...

Fewer excuses to refuse modern barns for conversion into dwellings

There are now fewer excuses to refuse modern barns for conversion into dwellings. We are pleased to report that there have been some much needed updates to government...
barns flexibility on number of dwellings

Barn conversions – Greater flexibility for the number and sizing of dwellings

Great news for housing provision in the countryside! More options have now been given under Class C for barn conversions to dwellings. The new changes offer greater...
contemporary vernacular housing development

Marmalade Festival 2018: Alternative Housing Solutions for Oxford

This week we were at Marmalade engaging in all things housing, as the Festival explored this year’s theme on ‘place-based approaches to social change’. Marmalade is a...
kitchen skylight Luke Stevens Photography

Should we Move or Extend?

To Move, Extend, Build, or Fix-up?   Sometimes, things just get a bit cramped at home. Mum, dad, two kids, one on the way, and a dog. Not to mention Barbie, Ken and all...