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If you would like to know more about the cost of building please read below:

We usually estimate on a basis of £1250-1800 per square metre, per floor for new-build (this can also be applied to an extension floor area). This excludes kitchens, bathrooms and external works. The first two because you might want an Ikea or reclaimed kitchen, or you might want a highly bespoke one with consequential cost differences (the same applies to bathrooms). The latter because all building sites are different and it also depends on the extent of the landscaping required. Bear in mind the above is a broad brush benchmark and actual builder’s quotes may differ. We would also recommend that you read the Home Building and Renovating magazine which has a useful section that is updated each month on average building project costs per UK region. For extensions they have a specific calculator.

Listed buildings are more tricky to give a ballpark figure for due to their complexity. We therefore cannot offer a guide for these. But we do have consultants who can provide a guide.