CLA Ltd has been providing consultancy to an engineer on a new four-bedroom self-build Pre-fabricated ecohouse project.

Contemporary Vernacular Self-Build, Pre-fabricated Ecohouse

Our understanding of local vernacular, combined with the contemporary aspirations of the client helped to secure planning permission on this edge of the village plot. CNA Ltd provided two house designs, in hand-made model form, inspired by vernacular (traditional or historical) features, their relationships with each other and materials found in the village locally.   One of these was chosen and adapted by the client and used to gain planning permission.

Passivhaus Principles used on Self-Build Pre-fabricated Ecohouse

The project will utilise Passivhaus principles to create a super-insulated, low energy home for a young family.  The form and shape of the house is somewhat traditional, rural and in keeping with the local vernacular, but with large amounts of modern high performance glazing and timber cladding. This will give the client the lifestyle they aspire to – lots of light, countryside views and space for family activities. Some parts of the property will be constructed in local ironstone, with a combination of standing seam metal roofing (typically zinc) and slate tiles for the roofs.

CNA Ltd is also involved in co-ordinating building control approval between the pre-fabricated timber frame supplier (Scotframe), Velfac windows, AKS Ward structural engineers and MVHR (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery) design.


  1. The Ecohouse under construction in October 2017
  2. The entrance door
  3. Large windows will create a light and airy atmosphere inside the Ecohouse
  4. North West proposed view
  5. South West proposed view
  6. Internal view of ground floor
  7. Internal view of first floor
  8. Sketch model of proposal
  9. &
  10. Vernacular inspiration from the village
  11. Current stage of construction (cladding on and scaffolding coming down)