This project is a rural self-build extension onto a 60’s bungalow and green retrofit to the existing bungalow. It is a complete overhaul and would work out a lot cheaper than knocking down and starting again. Extending at each end to create more space and maximise views also gave a great opportunity to externally insulate the existing bungalow and generally create more of a barn style farmhouse feel. Use of timber cladding and dark grey aluminium composite windows with a zinc roof to the extensions, confirms this aesthetic. In addition stainless steel guttering will be used which will look beautiful against the zinc roof and the timber cladding. To the North a carport offers shelter to the North facing wall as well as a dry walkway to an old shipping container serving as a workshop. An existing home made shepherd’s hut also fits well into it’s new context. Overall the aim was to achieve a rural aesthetic that fits well into the surroundings and offers superb views over the countryside beyond.

Saving money on installing renewables and insulation on rural self build bungalow

The owner plans to install an air source heat pump as well as a wood burning stove, both of which he could get money from the government to install. This would be in addition to green deal money he could potentially also get (up to £6000!) to install insulation on the original bungalow walls. See my related blog posts below.

This project is currently at planning stage.

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