Two modern barn conversions are an almost ‘re-build’

modern barn conversion

Double height hallway with rooflights

modern barn re-build permission

View over the ‘kitchen’ and large glazed doors from upstairs

This pair of modern barn conversions are owned by two separate clients.  One will live in the converted barn personally, and the other has sold the barn with planning permission for a dwelling.

Both barns are very large, and of a similar floor area (around 370m2), although the barn to the West is more square in shape, and the Eastern one more rectangular.

The barns are unusual.In order to be converted they are almost entirely a ‘re-build’. We gained planning permission for both of these barns including permission for ‘operations and development’ associated with the Prior Approval (permitted development approval) that the barns had received.

‘Operations and Development’ essentially means the re-build of the walls and roof leaving some structure (but the amount of this varied between barns). Some councils do not allow re-building as it is not a ‘conversion’, but South Oxfordshire do allow this. Their viewpoint seems to be that the structures were already in existence so their re-build (with nicer materials) is actually an improvement as well as providing much needed homes.

The Eastern barn construction is not far from completion.  Watch this space for more news as the build progresses!



  1. Western barn proposed front view
  2. Western barn proposed rear view
  3. Original Western barn
  4. Eastern barn proposed elevations
  5. Eastern barn proposed internal view (ground floor)
  6. Eastern barn proposed internal view (first floor including mezzanine levels)
  7. &
  8. Steel frame up for the Eastern barn
  9. Underfloor heating pipes laid for the Eastern barn
  10. Original Eastern barn
  11. Concept sketches for Western barn
  12. Concept interior view of Western barn, showing mezzanine idea to make the best use of the space