My interests lie in energy efficient adaptive reuse and regeneration, hence my specialisation choice of International Architectural Regeneration and development. More specifically within this, I am passionate about historic, traditional and vernacular architecture; I believe we can learn a great from them in terms of how they respond to their climate, the physical and cultural needs of their users and available resources at the time they were built. I also strongly believe these existing buildings can be adapted to meet their users’ needs today, in an energy efficient and sustainable way.

During my part one year out, I worked for a practice in London that specialised in regenerative residential projects around London, where I developed my skills using BIM software Revit. Other Projects I have worked on in the past include the regeneration of historic centres in Palestine, which aimed to bring life back to the historic fabrics and stitch together a fragmented landscape, whilst challenging and exploring the concept of heritage conservation. Interventions within this regeneration included adapting two abandoned buildings for reuse as a women’s centre with a children’s environmental playground and an eco-kitchen. I am also passionate about the use of natural material and resources available to us, and was recently involved in building a 5cm thick catenary arch structure from quarried waste marble, in Evora, Portugal.