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contemporary vernacular housing development

Marmalade Festival 2018: Alternative Housing Solutions for Oxford

This week we were at Marmalade engaging in all things housing, as the Festival explored this year’s theme on ‘place-based ...
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Pastiche free zone - Mole Architects

Pastiche Free Zone

Contemporary Vernacular Architecture should never be about ‘Pastiche’, here’s why… Above: Broadland Housing by Mole Architects What is Pastiche? There ...
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HHbR Copper Lane cohousing terrace

Co-housing series 3: Working Together

Co-housing doesn't have to mean living in each other's pockets - it's about the spirit of co-operation This is the ...
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Lancaster cohousing terraces

Co-housing series 2: Sharing Resources

Sharing resources creates both financial and environmental benefits in co-housing This is the second part of the Co-housing blog series, ...
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Springhill cohousing Architype

Co-housing series 1: Designing a Community

At Home but Not Alone In my previous blog, "5 Designs that Challenge our British Perceptions of Home", I touched ...
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The benefits of using an architect on a Gravenhill self-build or elsewhere

Thinking of building a Gravenhill Self-Build? Here's how to save money and reduce stress... It's finally happening!  You've found your ...
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design principles sitting under tree

What can the UK learn about housing from examples around the world?

Katie Reilly takes inspiration from Chapter 5 of Clare's book The UK’s climate can be challenging to cope with due ...
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Straw Bale House Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

CNA visit to Straw Bale House by Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

Recently Clare Nash Architecture Ltd. (CNA) visited the famous Straw Bale House in North London designed by Sarah Wigglesworth and ...
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Contemporary Vernacular Design - How British Housing can Rediscover its Soul

5 Designs that Challenge our British Perceptions of “Home”

While researching abroad, Clare discovered that no matter what culture you live in, our needs from a home are quite similar ...
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contemporary vernacular housing development

A Contemporary Vernacular Housing Development Design

Clare speaking about how vernacular architecture can inspire good quality modern housing design using interesting case studies from her book: ...
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