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Women in Architecture

pink hatI listened recently to a really interesting programme broadcast on Radio 4 about women architects in the United Arab Emirates. There are many parallels with women architects in this country including issues with long working hours, child care support and being listened to in a male dominated environment. Here are my musings from the programme: Continue Reading →

February 5, 2013

Architects and the Recession

Architect recession2One of the biggest challenges I have had is setting up a business. I know how to be an architect, I understand design and construction but I didn’t know the first thing about setting out on my own, least of all in a recession. Following redundancy, many job applications, the dole and the job centre (a swift confidence destroyer if there ever was one, but that’s another blog) I was offered some freelance work and decided that may be the best (if only) course of action. Continue Reading →

January 3, 2013