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Eco Extension

IMG_0042Construction is well under way for this two-storey and single-storey extension. A rainwater harvesting tank has been buried underground, this will feed the washing machines and toilets. 150mm (50% more than needed for building regulations) of Knauf Earthwool has been Continue Reading →

October 16, 2013
Eco Extension

Build a straw house for under £50k

AXO-lowThis was a competition entry to show that a self build home costing less than £50k was possible.

Total Cost = £48,452, Gross Internal floor area = 87m2

Inspiration from the vernacular is difficult to find when the region is unknown, however a barn vernacular has been employed here. Banks of two houses form a barn or terraced rows could form a mews style in a city.

Straw bales have been chosen for their ease of self-build and their very low embodied energy. Continue Reading →

October 15, 2013
Build a straw house for under £50k

Green Building Magazine



Clare Nash gave a talk at the AECB conference which features in Green Building Magazine

October 2, 2013