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Is Self-Build the answer?

DSCF7269DSCF7386I presented a talk at Oxford Brookes University today on the subject of my masters and how I apply it to my work today. I spoke about how vernacular building is a time rich product and it has been written that as such it is no longer sustainable. In developed countries it is only the rich who have the money to pay others to self build to their design, in developing countries, only the Campesino’s have the time, while everyone aspires to the modern, climatically unsuitable brick buildings. Ironically we live in far poorer housing stock now than we did when we had the time to build for ourselves (stone/cob country cottage versus thin walled brick facade suburban house; earth dwelling versus high rise concrete flats), albeit with all mod cons (indoor WC, power showers, televisions, computers etc). Continue Reading →

April 24, 2013


DSCF7081-lowI love my allotment. There is nothing better to take my mind off work than spending time pottering about with plants. I love running too, but there is something completely absorbing about growing things and I often feel completely refreshed after a day or even an hour on the allotment. Continue Reading →

April 9, 2013